Police nab second suspect in racially charged attack in Brattleboro

BRATTLEBORO — A 21-year-old man from Brattleboro was arrested in the early morning hours Wednesday, in connection with a hate-motivated assault that took place on Sunday.

Patrick Wayne Poillon, 21, of Brattleboro was picked up without incident this morning on Elliot Street.

Police say Poillon was treated for minor injuries sustained from the original incident, and appeared in criminal court to face charges of assault and robbery, aggravated disorderly conduct, hate motivated crime, simple assault, and resisting arrest.

On Sunday, Brattleboro police responded to Elliot Street for a report of an assault, where they discovered two victims.

A male was attacked randomly and struck repeatedly with a beer bottle, and a female passerby was attacked as well.

The suspects, identified by police as Poillon, and Mariam J. Belarj, shouted racial slurs as they assaulted the female.

The suspects fled down Elliot Street after the assault.

Vermont State Police and the Windham County Sheriff’s Department assisted in searching for the suspects.

Belarj was arrested for disorderly conduct: hate motivated, aggravated assault, assault and robbery, and possession of stolen property.

Poillon was picked up on Elliot Street this morning, and appeared to face charges in court today.

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