Male suspect still at large after racially charged attack in Brattleboro

BRATTLEBORO – A woman was arrested and a man is still at large after a racially instigated attack left two victims with injuries in Brattleboro on Sunday night.

Police responded to the assault on Elliot Street at approximately 9:07 p.m.

One man was attacked randomly and repeatedly struck with a beer bottle, while a woman, who happened to be a passerby, was attacked because she was black, police say.

According to the report, the male and female suspects yelled out racial slurs as they attacked the female victim then they fled down Elliot Street.

Both victims were treated at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say Mariam J. Belarj, 20, from Medford, N.Y. was arrested for disorderly conduct, hate-motivated aggravated assault, robbery, and possession of stolen property.

According to the report, the male suspect is still at large. Police describe him as a white male, approximately 6 foot tall with a blond ponytail.

In court on Tuesday, Windham County Deputy State’s Attorney Steve Brown said Belarj refused to identify the man that was with her or reveal his location.

Anyone with information about this suspect, please call the Brattleboro Police at (802) 257-7950.

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