22-year-old driver distracted by radio, hits guardrail in Dummerston

DUMMERSTON – A 22-year-old driver smashed a Subaru Legacy into a guardrail in Dummerston then walked to her Newfane home on Sunday morning.

Police responded to the single-vehicle accident on Route 30, just south of Depot Road, at approximately 7:45 a.m.

According to the report, a driver of a 2000 Subaru Legacy hit a guardrail at approximately at 4:30 a.m.

Police identified the driver as 22-year old Julia L. Miramontes of Newfane.

Miramontes told police she was driving northbound on Route 30, just north of the Maple Valley Ski area, at about 50 to 55 mph when she took her eyes off the roadway to look down at the radio.

Police say when Miramontes looked back up, the road took a sweeping left turn, and her Subaru crashed into the guardrail.

The vehicle was un-drivable from the accident and Miramontes told police she didn’t have a cell phone signal, so she walked back to her Newfane home.

Miramontes was uninjured, and her vehicle was towed away by A’s Towing.

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