Londonderry doctor accused of Oxycodone prescription fraud

LONDONDERRY – Police say back in January they received a complaint of possible prescription fraud and deceit by a Londonderry physician who had been accused of prescribing and retrieving Oxycodone from a local pharmacy, but never delivering the drugs to her patients.

Police identified the woman as Dr. Melanie M. Canon, 49, from Weston.

Canon had been regularly seeing patients outside of normal practice and conducting home visits.

According to police, Canon admitted she never kept patient notes or charts for any of her patient visits or care from July 2015 until March 2016.

During those months, she prescribed and issued numerous prescriptions for Oxycodone, a strong Opioid pain reliever and regulated drug in Vermont.

Those narcotic prescriptions were reported to never have been delivered to her prescribed patients.

It is an uncommon practice for physicians to prescribe, retrieve and sign out medications from the pharmacy and deliver them to patients at their homes.

The investigation, with the assistance of DEA and the Vermont Board of Medical Practice investigators, revealed at least eight occasions when Canon prescribed a prescription narcotic and retrieved those prescriptions from the pharmacy without the knowledge of her patients.

Canon falsely prescribed and diverted over 1,200 Percocet tablets from her patients for her own use.

She is currently charged with eight counts of prescription fraud. Additional charges could be filed at a later date if more patients can be located.

Her license to practice medicine in Vermont was suspended in April.

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