Windham District 4 incumbents announce as candidates for re-election

PUTNEY — Representatives David Deen (D) of Westminster and Mike Mrowicki (D) of Putney, announced that they will seek re-election to The Vermont House of Representatives for the Windham 4 District representing the people living in the towns of Westminster, Putney, and Dummerston.

Both Representatives say they look forward to working with a new Governor.

Democrat David Deen is chair of the Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources Committee and says he remains a champion for keeping Vermont’s water clean.

“My primary motivation for returning to the Legislature is to continue the work of the Vermont Clean Water Act passed last year, specifically to bring the Lake Champlain and Connecticut River cleanup plans to reality,” Deen said. “It means having the means to clean up runoff from roads, parking lots, rooftops, poor agricultural practices that cause violations of our water quality standards.”

Rep. Mike Mrowicki, a Putney Democrat, has been representing the district for five terms and sits on the House Human Services Committee.

“We must continue to protect elders from financial predators, increasing supports for early education, increasing support for those caring for the disabled, and continuing to address the scourge of opioid abuse that includes both legal and illegal drugs,” Mrowicki said.

Both candidates ask voters to take note that alongside their legislative and constituent services, they work away from the Legislature to further their efforts at the Statehouse.

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